Privacy Policy

The privacy and security of information you provide to Simply Yours Spa Collection LLC is of utmost importance to us. This policy clarifies what information Simply Yours Spa Collection LLC keeps and how it may be utilized.

Website Visitors

When you visit our website and view pages, we might collect the following information.

Mailing List: If you sign up receive any of our newsletters, we will need your email address and give you the option to provide additional information if you choose. The information you provide will not be used for any purpose other than the one(s) you have authorized. (See more about mailing lists and security of information, below).

Special Requests: If you make a special request using the form provided, the information you submit will be kept in Simply Yours Spa Collection LLC’s database.  Your personal contact information will NOT be given out.

Registration: If you register on our website, we will collect enough personal information about you to provide you with the service(s) you request. The information you provide will be kept confidential and will not be used for any purpose other than the one(s) you have authorized. (See more about mailing lists and security of information, below). Once registered, you will have the ability to update your contact information, change your log-in information or unregister.


When you make a purchase through our website, you provide us with the information necessary to deliver the products and/or services to you. Credit card information is not collected by Simply Yours Spa Collection LLC; payments by credit card are completed through a secure, external service. When an order is placed by phone or fax, we must take the credit card information in order to process the order. Any record of the credit card number is securely destroyed once the transaction is completed.

Mailing Lists

We maintain our mailing lists in house and send email updates to you ourselves. Every email you receive from us will give you the option to view your subscription information and to “unsubscribe”.

Third Party Data Collection

We use some third-party applications which collect personal information about the people on our mailing list and our website visitors.


In order to keep track of the status of individuals who have logged into our website or who have initiated a store, we use website SESSIONS which place a cookie on the user’s computer. The cookie is only used for the existing session and expires in about 4 hours (or when the user logs out). We do not use the cookie to track any other information.

In order to make repeated logins to our site easier, you have the option to check the “Remember Me” box at login. If you check the box, we place a cookie on your computer so you will be recognized when you return to the website.

At this time SIMPLY YOURS SPA COLLECTION LLC does not place any other cookies on a user’s computer.

Data Retention

Unless otherwise stated above, we keep any information collected until the user requests that it be destroyed or we determine that it is no longer needed for legal, statistical or other record-keeping purposes.

Security of Information

In the course of performing duties for Simply Yours Spa Collection LLC, some individuals may have access to sensitive information. Therefore, any sub-contractor, consultant or volunteer must comply with Simply Yours Spa Collection LLC “Privacy Procedures” which includes the following guidelines:

No paper documents with sensitive information may be kept any longer than absolutely needed, and when kept, must be stored securely.

All paper documents containing sensitive information must be shredded or burned (not tossed in the trash) once they are no longer needed.

  • No credit card information may ever be sent by email, under any circumstances.
  • When viewing sensitive information online, appropriate security precautions should be taken, including an up-to-date firewall, especially when viewing documents through a public network (as in a hotel or library).
  • Reasonable precautions must be taken to protect any sensitive information on a personal computer, including password protecting access to the area, making the computer files inaccessible to others (file sharing), etc.
  • Any electronic files on a local computer containing sensitive or personal information must be deleted after work is complete and the recycle bin emptied on a regular basis.
  • No private or sensitive information may be discussed with any unauthorized person for any reason.
Privacy Violations

In the event a sub-contractor, consultant or volunteer discovers that any sensitive information in their control has fallen into unauthorized hands, the matter must be reported to the Owner immediately.